Small Business Owners: 6 Clever Ways to Protect Your Business from Break-Ins

Small Business Owners: 6 Clever Ways to Protect Your Business from Break-Ins

Starting and running your small business is an achievement you should protect with all you got. Since theft and break-ins can result in damages and losses, safeguarding your business from thieves and burglars should be on top of your priority list. Are you ready to protect your business from break-ins? Here are six effective strategies to do so. 

Install CCTV 

A leader of Perth Security Services says that surveillance cameras are crucial in keeping an eye on your property when you are away. CCTV is also essential in deterring thieves internally and externally. If you want to protect your business from break-ins, you will want to install surveillance cameras around the premises. However, you are required by law to put up signs that you have CCTV cameras on the premises.

Install a security alarm system 

An alarm system can help you protect your property from break-ins. Accordingly, you do not have to spend big on this strategy. A simple security alarm should be enough to notify your security agents about intruders. For extra protection, you could consider Verisure monitored alarm systems, these offer more accessories in addition to the alarm that can help keep you safe or assist you in the aftermath of a break-in.

Alarm systems can be customized to suit your specific needs. Additionally, you can pair your alarm system with security cameras that help you monitor your business internally and externally. You may want to install a security alarm system that facilitates remote monitoring through an app or software. 

Secure your valuables

One of the promoters of beak-ins is the display. Burglars are encouraged to break into your business when they see valuables. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your valuables from suspecting eyes. You can do this by creating lockers to secure your belongings. Accordingly, you can check these bollard installation tips to see how bollards can help you protect your business and valuables from burglars. Additionally, you can have the windows of your business tinted by companies like Shady Biz Tinting so that burglars wouldn’t be able to peek through easily.

Use smart locks 

One of the most effective ways to protect your business from break-ins is by securing the premises using a smart lock system. Review and replace the locks to ensure no one can access the entrances without authorization. The good thing about smart locks is that they can detect unauthorized attempted entries and switch on your security alarm system. 

Perform a background check

Break-ins can come from your most trusted employees and staff. In fact, most employees collude with burglars, granting them access to secure areas. Therefore, it is essential to perform a background check of all the employees, especially ones who can access restricted zones. Be sure to know everyone who has authorized access to your business premises. Accordingly, ensure that every access guaranteed is unique so that everyone can be accountable when their credentials are used to break into your business. 

Install security lighting

Burglars attack most at night, using the cover of darkness to conceal their identities. That should be a good reason to install security lighting around the premises. Consider using motion sensors that turn on your security lights automatically at night. This strategy will deter and expose any unwarranted entry. 

The bottom line

Many businesses experience some kind of theft. Fortunately, there are many ways you can use to enhance safety by protecting your business against break-ins. On top of these tips, you can also get insurance for your business to cover theft and burglary.

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