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Small text is a very common thing nowadays, and people use it everywhere like a social media account or a website as it increases their online discoverability, makes their accounts SEO optimized, and more. Attracting your audience to your content is also a very important thing as it can help you to grow and spread the content more. You don’t have to be a tech guru to use a small text or small text generator; it is rather a simple tool that requires no effort at all. 

However, for your ease and to answer any questions that you may have, here in this post we will share simple steps on how to use a small text generator. If you are looking for a tool to use, you can visit and use the tool for generating small text free. 

What is a small text? 

Small text is a set of Unicode characters and symbols that help you create a text that is of small size and in a different kind of font style than normal text. It is also known as fancy or small text, which you can easily generate using a small text generator. 

When you get the small text, you will copy and paste the text wherever you want like social media accounts, captions, emails, text messages, website headlines, etc. It helps you to capture the attention of the audience because the small text is a great tool that can help you to make your normal text more fun, interesting and effective.  

What is a small text generator? 

Small text generator is the type of website which you use to change a simple text into small text within seconds without any kind of hectic work. In old times, these websites were not introduced so people find it difficult to change the text but nowadays the software developers invented these small text generators which get the job done in seconds. 

How to use a small text generator? 

Here are the steps that you need to follow for using a small text generator: 

  • First of all, open a small text generator. 
  • Then, paste the normal text you want to change into small text in the input box, then click. 
  • The small text will get generated on its own and it will display in the output box. 
  • Then you can change the style or font if you want to, it depends upon you. 
  • Copy the small text from the output box and paste it wherever you want, like social media sites, email, text messages, etc. 

Now you are good to go, here the process of changing a simple text into small text ends, it is that easy and simple. You can now use this transformed text anywhere you want by just copy and pasting. The text will not change because it is not a font, so you don’t have to worry about this. 

Advantages of small text generators: 

The small text generator is very beneficial for generating small text because: 

  • The changing of text-only takes about a few seconds which is very efficient than working for hours. 
  • You need no kind of authorization for the transition by using a small text generator. 
  • There is no expense in using a small text generator, it is free. 
  • The instructions are very easy and simple to apply. 
  • A small text generator gives you a lot of different options for font styles which give you a diversity to choose from. 

Final Words: 

Small text generators are very easy to use as described above and the instructions are very much understandable and efficient to follow. Use it and see the difference this text makes in your branding and social engagement.

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