Seeking Alpha Review

Seeking Alpha Review

When it comes to the stock market, the more you know the better choices you can make. While knowledge doesn’t always equate to making money, it can certainly put you ahead of the curve.

Doing research when it comes to the market can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to trading. Luckily, there are services and companies out there that provide stock market research and analysis that everyday people can understand and use to their advantage.

One of the leading companies when it comes to stock market analysis and research is Seeking Alpha. Keep reading to learn more about Seeking Alpha and get a Seeking Alpha review.

What Is Seeking Alpha?

Founded in 2004 by David Jackson, Seeking Alpha was created as a crowdsourcing platform where people could come together and share their knowledge about stocks with other investors. Basically, he created a social media platform exclusively for stock market investors.

Today, Seeking Alpha calls itself the “world’s largest investing community” with over 20 million monthly users and over 7,000 contributors. Those more than 7,000 contributors are responsible for close to 10,000 pages of content, all of which are fully vetted as well as edited by Seeking Alpha before publishing.

What Does Seeking Alpha Offer?

Seeking Alpha provides its clients with plenty of both free and paid services. Everything on their website is meant to give research and analysis on stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, commodities, and even cryptocurrency.

Paid Services

Seeking Alpha offers two paid tiers called Seeking Alpha Premium and Seeking Alpha Pro.

Seeking Alpha Premium offers unlimited access to all the free content on the Seeking Alpha site. Free users have a cap on the amount of content they are allowed to access, but that cap is waived for Premium subscribers. Free users also typically only have access to content for 10 days. Premium members have access to the content even after the 10-day window is up. Another perk of premium membership is access to Seeking Alpha’s Author and Quant ratings.

Those choosing to sign up for Seeking Alpha Pro get access to all free content as well as all of the perks that come with Premium membership. An additional perk that Pro members get is early access to Seeking Alpha Top Ideas which is Seeking Alpha’s hand-picked, high-conviction stock ideas.

Free Services

Seeking Alpha offers a lot of great free content to its users. While the content is 100% free, they do put limitations on what you can and can’t access as well as how long it is available. If you want unlimited access to the content with no time restrictions, you will need to sign up for one of their paid tiers.

Some of the content that Seeking Alpha makes available for free includes:

  • IPO analysis
  • Editor’s picks
  • Short and Long ideas
  • Earnings Call Transcripts and Recordings
  • Stock ideas
  • Educational tools (portfolio management and investing)
  • Closed-end funds
  • Access over a dozen free email newsletters
    • Tech Daily
    • Wall Street Breakfast
    • IPO Daily
    • Mergers and Acquizitions
    • Must Reads
    • Dividend Ideas
    • ETF Ideas
    • Global Investing
    • And more…

What Do Seeking Alpha’s Paid Services Cost?

As we mentioned, Seeking Alpha has two different paid plans, both with different membership pricing.

Seeking Alpha Premium will run you $29.99 a month or $239 for the year. Seeking Alpha Pro will run you $299.99 a month or $2400 a year.

Both Seeking Alpha Premium and Seeking Alpha Pro come with a 14-day free trial, allowing you to give the services a try before committing to their monthly or yearly premium.

Is Seeking Alpha Legit?

Seeking Alpha has been around for nearly 20 years and has over 20 million users. Companies don’t tend to stick around for that long and have that many users if they aren’t doing something right, especially in the investment space.

Seeking Alpha’s stock tips routinely outperform the S&P 500 as well as competitors, especially their “Strong Buy” rated stocks.

In order to ensure that their users are only getting the most accurate information, Seeking Alpha only accepts content articles from credible authors. In addition, they fully vet all content that is submitted to them before posting it on their website. They also require all authors to disclose any sort of potential conflict of interest upfront.

Want More information on Seeking Alpha After Reading This Seeking Alpha Review?

Seeking Alpha has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 2004. Today they serve over 20 million people, helping provide them with the knowledge they need to make good decisions when it comes to investing in the stock market.

For more information about Seeking Alpha, or to get started with your 14-day free trial and to start utilizing their services, visit their website by clicking here.

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