Reasons You're Not Getting Followers on Twitter

Reasons You're Not Getting Followers on Twitter

Twitter is among the most challenging platforms to garner a huge following. Given that the app thrives on your relationship with your followers, you need followers to use the app effectively. Businesses need help to get more followers, and due to the challenges involved, a lot of people end up giving up on the accounts. So how can you gain followers on Twitter?     

If you look at and analyze the Twitter accounts with huge followings, you will notice patterns, one of which is understanding the platform as a social platform. To properly grasp this, you should put yourself into your follower's shoes. Ask yourself whether you would follow your account and what type of content would entice you to follow the account.

This article looks at some of the mistakes Twitter account owners make that cost them and reduce their followers.

1. Your Account Is Not Following Anyone

Unless you are a high-profile celebrity, your accounts need to follow some other accounts before you get a following. It also sends a message when you follow other accounts; it shows that you care about what other people say and are not self-centered. If a user stumbles onto your account and sees that you follow nobody, this might make them think you are only interested in self-promotion and hence choose not to follow you. On the other hand, you should not just follow anyone who follows you. You need to be selective with who you follow. Ensure the people you follow share similar interests with you.

2. You Need to Post More

Getting followers on Twitter requires frequent posting to get people looking or even remotely interested in your account. This might mean posting at least four to five times a day. If you are a Facebook or Instagram user, this seems like a lot, but that's how Twitter works. Your tweets are likely to be missed by your followers. You might also have to repost earlier tweets to ensure that your audience still sees the information you need them to see. For example, if you are announcing a product launch, you won't post it once; you might have to post it twice on the day of launch, the day after, and in a week or month.

3. Your Profile Might Not Be Complete

Having a complete profile is the first thing that says your account is professional and deserves to be followed. Setting up an account is easy; anybody could do it, but you must do it right. This means having a good and decent profile picture and a biography that says something about your business. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that your profile is well set up and adequately filled up to get you the best results.

4. Weird Username

While we are talking about filling up your profiles, choosing your username is also a critical task. Your username will get potential followers to click on your account. Your username should be as simple as possible, don't use usernames with letters or numbers. For example, if your business name is Green Tree, your Twitter profile should also be GreenTree. This will make it easier for your followers to find you as the name is prominent.

5. You Need to Become More Familiar with Hashtags

One of the popular ways users can get to know your account if they are not following you is through hashtags. However, many Twitter account users need to use hashtags correctly. Whenever you add a hashtag to your post, your tweet will be in the same category as other tweets with the same hashtag. This means your tweet will show up in the feeds of whoever searches for that hashtag.

Therefore, your hashtag should be something that people search for frequently. To get more familiar with this, you should check out the "trends" section to see the most-trending hashtag. If your account has a staggering number of followers, you could use unique hashtags that group your followers.


To sum it all up, the best thing you can do to get more followers involves listening and responding. How each account grows and gets popular is different. You may buy Twitter clicks from Increditools. You could try other techniques and see what works. Remember to be patient. Gaining followers takes time, but if you are consistent, you will yield results eventually.

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