How To Outrun Your Competition In SERPs?

How To Outrun Your Competition In SERPs?

With innovation and technology running the contemporary business world, competition is now a necessity. A healthy competition between organizations is equivalent to customers’ happiness as you have access to quality products and services at the right time and for the right price. Yet, a contest within the industry has taken a new form. Rather than snatching customers via product and pricing, companies are now luring you through powerful content.  To do so, you need to outrun your competition in SERPs.

Content is king – a slogan that is quite relatable in the 21st century. The speed at which digital marketing has ruled the business world is shocking. Consumers are now tech-savvy and smart enough to know what is best for them. Hence, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as you must know, can come in handy at this moment.

As a site owner, you should be well aware of SEO competitive analysis. If your rival ranks high on the search engine result page (SERP), you should know how they achieved this feat. But worry not, because we have done the heavy lifting for you! Here’s how you can make yourself visible to your customers and Google.


Customers often pull a simple google search to know about anything and everything. Like in many countries, businesses in New Zealand generate customers through the internet. 

Thus, SEO in Auckland has undergone extensive growth in terms of optimization practices and enhanced domain authority. 

Your SEO competitors are those websites and pages that rank high on the Google search. They might belong to your industry, but it is not always compulsory. For instance, if you run a gym in Auckland, you try to rank keywords like ‘best gym in Auckland.’ At the same time, you would also try to rank for ‘diet plans for weight loss’ and compete with health blog publishers apart from gymnasiums around town. 

Even though finding out your top SEO competitor is easy, there’s a possibility that they are using a different landscape altogether. For example, the keyword search might show videos as a result, instead of websites and pages. Fortunately, it can help you in improvising your content. It shows that your opponent is generating website traffic via audio-visual content instead of a written one. 


Another principal branch of SEO competitive analysis is keyword analysis. Keywords work wonders for any page to rank high on the SERP. To win this game, you should know about ideal keywords and the right keyword density. Amongst other reasons, the keywords gap is why your competitor climbs the SERP much better than you. As a business owner, you need to highlight keywords because of which you rank. But pay special attention to different keywords that your rivals use and track where you fall behind.

One critical thing to note is, while you are piggybacking the keywords, avoid using non-consequential keywords. They are more likely to decrease your visibility on the SERP rather than increase it.


For SEO competitive analysis to work effectively, you must know where your competitors are earning their backlinks. These links get created when one website links to another.  Backlinks are your website links published on other online sources. 

We will recommend all business owners thoroughly evaluate their rival’s backlinks and then use the same source. Design various campaigns and ask influencers and guest pages to give you a link back to your website. Via this channel, you can organically increase traffic on your website. 

Even though it is a successful tool to ensure you rank high on the SERP, try not to complete the task manually. Plenty of SEO agencies offer this service. Please make sure that you reach them to handle the project.


SEO techniques mentioned in the list are useless unless the content is powerful. Businesses frequently audit their content to remain updated and relevant. Few ways to ensure your content attracts the right user base includes:

  • Going through your competitor’s content 
  • Incorporating their unique features such as audio-visual, the design of the website and navigational tools
  • Going above and beyond when creating your content

You must also ensure that the content, title, and meta description have the right number of keywords used and the right length. For more insight, business owners should visit their competitor’s social media and see how they engage their followers. 

Comments and reviews, both positive and negative, left by followers and subscribers often provide valuable input. A wise business person will incorporate those reviews in their content. 

Final Thoughts

Before attempting a transactional or informational search, the consumer takes help from the internet. And if your company page is not visible on the first page or appears in the top 10 searches, you don’t exist for them. To ensure that your content is unique and powerful enough to score high on the SERP, you need to be vigilant.

Competitive analysis is a never-ending game. It is an ongoing process where one business tries to overpower the other. The only chance at winning this war is to keep striving and improve upon your performance. You are not the only contestant in the game reviewing your competitor’s performance to enhance your own. The key to outrun your competition in SERPs is to remain on your toes!