Mike's Top Mobile App Picks for Business Productivity

mike-mobile-picsOne of the positive benefits of the explosion of mobile phone apps is the advancement of apps that provide powerful business tools for use on the go.

Here's four of my "must have" business apps that keep me productive while out of the office.


The Dropbox app is a cloud-based home for all my business documents and files, as well as my photos and videos. Since all my files are synced when added to Dropbox, I have access anywhere.  I can be at work and add files, then leave and have access to those files on my phone.  Plus, I never have to worry about computer hard drive failures since my files are securely stored online.  With a great free version and very reasonable paid plan for more storage, Dropbox makes it easy to always maintain access to my important business documents.


A key need while out of the office is to be able to open, edit, and save existing documents via my iPhone or iPad.  CloudOn makes this possible.  CloudOn works with Dropbox, Google Drive(basically Google's version of Dropbox), and more, enabling me to access my Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, open them, and then easily make edits and changes.  While Dropbox is my storage tool, CloudOn is my software suite.  The interface is similar to Microsoft Office so even on my smartphone it is familiar and gives me the tools I'm used to with the power to make changes and update documents on the go. I can edit existing documents or create new documents and then access the updated version later on my computer, saving time and offering convenience.

Genius Scan

This app keeps me active on the go by being my mobile scanner.

I can quickly scan documents by taking a picture and then the app enhances and allows me to create a PDF file of my scan.  Perfect for when I need to sign documents and email them, I can simply sign, scan, and email from within the app to wherever needed.  There's no more need for , "I'll sign and scan these when I get back to the office."  I simply do it on the spot! This is a free app.

SoundGeckoSound Gecko on iPhone

Yes, that's the name!  Similar to the concept of where I can get a book digitally and have it read aloud to me, SoundGecko is my timesaver that reads web pages and blog posts to me.

I can simply copy any website URL and email to SoundGecko or add to the mobile app and it adds the page to a list that are then read out loud.  Perfect for when I'm driving, I can catch up on my reading by listening to my favorite blog posts being read!

With a robust free version, SoundGecko is a timesaver that adds value to my road time!

These are important general-use mobile apps that give me the access I need to keep going while out.  Should I do another round with my top social productivity mobile apps?

What about you, any general-use mobile apps that are key for you on your mobile phone?  Comment below!

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