Los Angeles Housing Market: Why is it so Expensive?

Los Angeles housing marketing

Are you considering purchasing real estate in Los Angeles? Curious as to why it is so expensive to own a house in the second-largest city in the United States? 

Many people dream of having a home in a place like Los Angeles, but the main reason for the high-cost property is high demand and less supply.  Due to this some choose to use affordable short term rentals in LA during their search for a permanent home.

According to the latest survey, the median list price of a home in Los Angeles is $950K, increasing with each passing year. Southern California is considered the second most expensive region in terms of housing due to its enormous opportunities. It is the hub of entertainment and screenwriters, so it attracts actors of the whole world.

Average Real Estate Cost in Los Angeles

Buying a home in Los Angeles is a good and huge investment. A single-family house in Los Angeles costs $650K, and the median price is $507 per square foot.

Not only the property but other expenses like food transportation and utilities of this city are also high. The utility bill depends on the region where you own a house. On average, it costs around two thousand dollars for a small apartment (depends on your neighborhood).

If you are moving to Los Angeles or want to invest in the Los Angeles housing market and real estate, it is safe to hire a trusted mortgage broker. Brokers will help you to find the best rates on home loans in Los Angeles, find the best lender, and assist you throughout the process.

Reason of high-cost real estate in Los Angeles

The city of beautiful beaches, mesmerizing scenery and the developed industry is an attraction for millions of people worldwide. All these make home prices skyrocketing. Here are few reasons why real estate in Los Angeles is so expensive:

Need Vs. Demand (Housing crisis)

The only way to control the price of the object is to increase its production. If the demand for an object is 80 per day, and the stock is just 30, then the owner will charge the asking price. The same is for real estate in Los Angeles and California.

There is a shortage in the construction of new houses, and enough houses have not been built in LA in the past few years to meet the demand.

According to statistical analysis of housing in California, 180,000 houses should be constructed in California, but this demand is not fulfilling, which causes an unstable high price.  

Another big reason for unaffordability is a rent-to-income ratio, which is 30%. This makes it very expensive to build a home in California, especially Los Angeles. But a mortgage loan is an option that makes it easy to buy your own home.

Another reason for the limited supply is the geography of Los Angeles. It is surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Along with this, National parks occupy a vast area, so there's less space for residencies.  

Global demand 

The potential investors on the real estate of Los Angeles are wealthy individuals from the United States and other countries from the globe like China.

Several people from the world want to live in or work in LA. Increased competition for occupancy increases the rates of the property. Due to this reason, the real estate investment market of Los Angeles is now at the top of the list. 

Economy and Career opportunities in Los Angeles

The main reason for people's attraction toward Los Angeles real estate investment is its strong economy and high growth rate in terms of jobs. 

The vast entertainment and fashion industry exist in this region. So if you want to build your career in these industries, Los Angeles is the righteous place. Along with this, there are thousands of opportunities in health care, construction, and other industries. 

Before the COVID pandemic, the unemployment rate was 4.4% that is too low compared to other regions. Talking about the economic downfall of LA in this pandemic is useless. No place around the world can not suffer the worst situation in this Corona pandemic.

What is the right place to invest in the real estate market?

The Los Angeles housing marketing and real estate can be the perfect investment that will give you many thousand dollars of profit. The demands and so the price of the property is increasing exponentially with each passing year. 

Real estate investment in this region is a massive investment, so there should be someone who can give you an expert opinion. 

Most of the people who are going to invest in this market prefer to hire mortgage brokers. The advantage of hiring them is that they know the market well and help you make the best deals.  

Here are a few suggestions from our side that which region around Los Angeles is good for you:

Most Desirable Regions

  • Santa Monica
  • Laguna Beach
  • Newport Beach
  • Beverly Hills

Least Expensive regions

  • Temecula
  • Hawthrone
  • Torrence
  • Van Nuys

Wrapping up

Los Angeles is the most expensive yet top-rated real estate market in which several investors want to invest. Many online and local lenders provide home loans so you can effortlessly mortgage your own home.

The reason for the unaffordability of homes in Los Angeles is high demand and fewer houses. All the people who want to act or desire to join the fashion industry try to move toward LA. Not only higher job opportunities but its natural beauty make it an idyllic place for everyone.

All the wealthy investors from different countries invest money in buying a property in Los Angeles, and the forecast for 2021 is very positive!

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