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Why I published a leadership devotional

Why I published a Leadership Devotional

A leadership devotional what? My leadership devotional is a 30 day guide that you read daily.  Basically, there is a short topic each day about leadership and it has some key points for reflection and a biblical Scripture reference you can look up for further study.  The goal is to help the reader to reflect […]

The Secret to Building a Massive List of Viable Leads Revealed

The Secret to Building a Massive List of Viable Leads Revealed When it comes to growing a business, leads are one of the most valuable assets a company can have. Of course, a company can always continue on with a solid list of current customers or clients, but when you are looking to grow, that […]

Google Goals for Work Life Balance1- 315

Google Goals for Work-Life Balance

Managing any business is intensive and can easily consume significant amounts of time. It may also have a tendency to gobble up open time on your schedule if you allow it to. Any long-term goals that you intend to accomplish can easily be sidelined or put on the back burner if you’re not careful. Fortunately, […]

Secrets to Maximizing Time and Increasing Productivity - 315

Secrets to Maximizing Time and Increasing Productivity

Working more hours doesn’t translate to necessarily improving productivity. Based on a Stanford University study, a work week of 50 hours or more doesn’t make employees work better, but it makes absenteeism and turnover ultimately worse. When it comes to productivity, quality works better than quantity. Maximize your time by doing the following: Map out […]

Magnet Marketers LIVE Show Tuesday’s at 4pm ET

  Magnet Marketers is a LIVE online show each Tuesday at 4 pm ET. Hosted my Mike Gingerich and Jessika Phillips it’s a show all about discovering how your business can become a “magnet” online rather than being an old-school bullhorn. Times have changed, your marketing needs to as well! Learn about the latest trends, […]

Ways to Succeed in Work and Life

Some Do’s and Don’ts on Life and: Starting a new job Being a good team member Adding value to people and situations (Not in any order) 1. If you want to get ahead, become an acute observer of people and what is happening around you. [Tweet ” If you want to get ahead, become an […]

The Why That Drives The What in Business and Life

Why do you do what you do in business? For the profits? To provide for your family/lifestyle desires? It’s important to know the “why“ that drives you in business. I call it “the WHY that drives the WHAT“. The why must be of such substance that it drives you forward when the going gets tough. Guess what, […]

Disruptive Thinking: You Need it. How to get it…

There’s power in disruptive thinking! Too often we get “stuck” in small-minded, inside the box thinking in business and life. We do the same things, follow the same routines….and yet expect better results! It’s “stinkin’ thinkin’!”  What we often need is a way to get “out of the box”. In this episode I dive into […]

How to Effectively Set and Accomplish Goals for Business and Personal Life

It’s that time of year….. goal setting. You hear about you.  You likely believe in it. Yet….it’s so hard to follow through! Are you regularly reaching your yearly business and personal goals? What if there was a way….a path…a process? In this episode of Halftime Mike I dive into a clear outline of a path […]

An Open Letter to Donald Trump on Blocking Muslims from Entering America

Dear Donald Trump, It’s just not helpful. Calling for and then standing by such an inflammatory and broad sweeping statement of “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” is simply irresponsible. It’s throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  It’s plainly Islamophobic and not in the best interest of America, at all. It’s […]