Instagram Analytics with Union Metrics


Instagram has become one of the most widely used of all social media platforms. A picture or short video can say a lot more than words and generate much more interests than a simple text post. An active Instagram account is valuable to your business to inform and reach current and potential customers. Especially if they are tech-centric consumers in the 16-46-year-old age bracket. Union Metrics: Instagram Account Checkup provides data specific to your Instagram account to track posts and see what works best for your audience.

Why Use Union Metrics: Instagram Account Checkup?

Timing Matters

When posting a video or image the goal is for the audience to view it, like it, and leave comments. The more engagement the better as it can help reach even more people. By posting when the majority of your audience is ‘available’ you get more engagement. However, certain times are better than others depending on who makes up your audience. Union Metrics tracks the average user responses and tells you what time (to the hour) produces the highest number of responses.

See What People Like

Not every post is equal. Some posts perform better than others. Union Metrics tracks your posts and gives reports on how each performed. For posts that do well and generate a lot of feedback, Union Metrics suggests topics (or material) that resonate with your audience the most. By comparison, Union Metrics also informs on which posts are not generating much in way of engagement. This tracking allows you to streamline your content to match up with your viewers’ interests and generate more responses to your content.

Hashtag Tracking

A trending hashtag is very valuable as it drives new visitors to the page which in turn leads to new followers. Union Metrics tracks the most popular hashtags used and how much more visitor engagement they generate when compared to other hashtags you’re using. With this information, you can remove unpopular tags from your list and focus on ones that are more popular. A collection of popular hashtags not only makes organizing posts easier but can also generate more interest and help grow your follower count over a long period of time.

Creating Better Content with Union Metrics

An Instagram account is a powerful tool for businesses. When used correctly it can be one of the best marketing tools to have. But social media is always changing. As new fads, interests, and topics become popular or go viral making it important to stay current. If you want to make the best of your Instagram account you have to track data carefully. Then respond to current trends as they grow and change. Union Metrics, Instagram Account Checkup, gives you a powerful tool to help stay ahead of your competition. Thus enabling you to understand your audience’s interests better to generate more engagement and shares.