Instagram Account Checkup

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Instagram, with its massive growth and user as well as focus on memorable images, short videos and user engagement, has become a vital part of many companies social media strategies. If you’ve used Instagram before you’ve probably seen how fast the platform can move, what goes viral and what doesn’t. For a company’s online marketing campaign to be successful, you have to know what content is connecting with viewers and what isn’t as successful.

Instagram account checkup from Union Metrics offers an analytics scan that can provide you with useful statistics in several important areas. With free and paid options you can track how well your Instagram posts are performing.

The Free Instagram Checkup Option And What It Does

Union Metrics’s free option provides very useful information despite not costing you anything in terms of money. It tracks basic analytics that while not too deep is still very useful to know about your Instagram marketing. Free analytics include the following.

Like Average

It is an average of how many likes your postings receive. The higher your average the more popular your postings are overall. A low like average is a sign that your posts aren’t really connecting with users.

Top Fans

Instagram accounts often have repeat visitors. Your top fans are the people that engage with your content the most. Acknowledging loyal visitors not only keeps them coming back but also builds your reputation in a positive way to other visitors.

Best Engagement Time

This tells you when people visit your site the most. This is quite useful as you can time new postings for when your visitors are most active increasing views and likes.

Hashtag Usage

This feature tracks your most popular hashtags. This can give you insight on common themes, ideas, and content. It can also tell you what you what hashtags may be underused and others that may be posted too often.

The Paid Option

If you’re willing to invest in a paid plan, the Instagram Account Checkup offers several powerful features to track your online success. There are three levels available each offering more features (and a higher price) than the last, here’s a brief synopsis of some of the key features each one offers.

Social Manager

Offers features such as tracking your business Instagram account, automatic alerts, detailed content tracking, reports on visitor behavior and reporting on influencers. Helpdesk support is also included.

Social Marketer

Adds to the Social manager plan by adding follower analysis, Instagram story reports, data exporting, more detailed hashtag reporting, and email support.

Marketing Team

Finally, the Marketing Team plan adds geographic and language-based reports, filtering for language and geographical location, full data exporting, customization features, and a faster email support system.

Is It Worth Using?

As a tool, Instagram Account Checkup is well worth your time. It’s free features offer a useful overview of your Instagram account and its overall popularity. However, as a business you need precise metrics, tracing, and benchmarking. Union Metrics’s paid plans offer a variety of features that help keep you informed and make sure you don’t fall behind your competitors. With multiple tiers, you can keep costs down by only paying for the feature level you require while getting the information needed to make your Instagram account more successful and engaging.