How to Use Coolparcel to Ship Your Store Products

use coolparcel to ship your store products

A solid logistics infrastructure is the backbone of every successful economy and it is an essential part of any business that wishes to succeed. Whether you are manufacturing frozen food, growing fresh flowers, or creating customized clothing, you need a reliable way of getting your products to your customers such as using Coolparcel to ship your store products. In this day and age, your business operations won't benefit your customers without an online shop available. This becomes even more important when you want to operate internationally or even just cover a larger area within your own country.

Luckily, you don't have to worry about delivering products right to your customers all on your own. There are a number of specialized logistics companies that provide these services to businesses. This is crucial because the assets needed for logistics can be quite expensive and it can become a very time-consuming part of the business in itself.

Moreover, unless you are running a very large business it is unlikely that you will be able to fully maximize the use of your logistics infrastructure. This way when you team up with a logistics partner you can just pay for the services that you use rather than having to bear the high cost of logistical management.

Coolparcel provides these services and this is what you need to know to get your products moving with Coolparcel today.  Let's dive deeper into how to use Coolparcel to ship your store products.

Preparing For Delivery

The first thing to do is to get your product ready for shipping. This is a part of the process that some people think the logistics company will handle and they just need to provide the company with the product. This is in fact the sellers' responsibility. If you want the parcel to reach there safely and not cost the receiver a lot of money understand how to pack your parcel and select the right container. You have the option of putting it into an envelope, into a shipping bag, into a small carton, into a large box, or even in a full-sized container. Select something that is appropriate for the weight of the item and will protect the parcel.

Selecting A Service

When you use Coolparcel to ship your products, it serves as the intermediary between the sender and the shipping company that actually moves the product. This is why it is important to remember to read Coolparcel's terms here so that you know what your responsibilities are and what the couriers' company is responsible for. Coolparcel is providing you with the service to connect with these companies and to get their services at far more competitive rates. Coolparcel doesn’t take responsibility for the package itself. On the Coolparcel website, you will see a list of different courier services for your parcel. All feature their own unique services at their own prices. Select something that works for you. Also, note that some couriers might not deliver to your selected destination so be sure to check whether or not they can actually deliver to that destination.

Additional Information

You have to pay extra attention when you are filling out the information on the different sections of the form. There is a lot of information there so it is important you double-check everything before submitting it. This is the information that the courier will use to process your products and it can be a hassle to manage an incorrect order. It is also important that you look into insurance for your parcel and mention additional information about the product to cover how the parcel should be handled. This is very important if you are sending high-value goods such as jewelry or precious stones or sensitive items like live plants or animals. In the case, that something goes wrong, insurance can help cover your valuable items.


coolparcel to ship

In the last step, you will arrange for a pickup time for the courier's representative to come and receive the parcel from you. You select anytime that suits your needs from the available options. Once you have handed it over to the representative your order will get a tag and you can monitor the shipment after it has left to see where it is in the journey. Parcel tracking keeps you updated with the parcel no matter how close or far you are while sending it.

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