How to React with Negative Comments on Your YouTube Videos?

React with Negative Comments on Your YouTube Videos

When you receive an unfavorable YouTube review of your video, you're concerned that this could cause problems. Now, what do you do?

Many brands worry about bad reviews because of the public nature of comments. Many take the extra mile to keep them from receiving them. Others play blame games with customers and do not bother to rectify mistakes. Few of them buy YouTube comments to balance the number of negative and positive comments.

We know that negative comments could deter new customers from joining your company, especially if they have managed to attract an excessive amount of attention. But that's not an end-all-be-all. In this article, we've collected some helpful comment marketing techniques that will assist you in building your brand's positive image and withstand negative comments.

1. Track your Online Reputation

If you are looking to transform negative comments into positive media, it is essential to be at the top of the game. You should keep track of your online reputation daily. Find out when and on what post a YouTube commenter left negative feedback. You might want to set Google Alert notifications when someone mentions your company's name online. Monitoring tools like Hootsuite let you check for negative reviews on different platforms, not just YouTube making it simpler to track when a negative review is done.

2. Express Empathy

It's normal to feel that criticism that comes your way is not fair. Sometimes, it can appear like an attack on your personal life. Try not to allow your emotions to take over you and think about things from the other's viewpoint. If a YouTube user of your channel has left harsh feedback, it's most likely due to something that has upset them deeply. Accepting their suffering and responding with compassion is the best way to go at the hour to handle this sensitive issue.

3. Do not delete your negative comments

If a disgruntled client writes a negative comment on your post, The first reaction is to remove the comment. You believe that the person who left the comment will not be able to tell, and you've done your best to clean the slate. We suggest that you don't make that mistake again. If you do that, the odds are that your customers will be aware of the issue and could be able to vent their frustration more severely on other social media channels. In addition, they could share with their circle of acquaintances about their bad encounters with your business and discourage others from contacting you.

4. Be aware that you can't please everyone.

One of the downsides of being a popular content creator is that people have different expectations of the content creators. One of the disadvantages of being a popular creator on YouTube is that people have different expectations of your content creators. Because you are always in the spotlight, somebody is likely to be disappointed, regardless of how efficiently you run. You can take comfort in the fact that you cannot be perfect for everyone at all times. The likes and dislikes opinions regarding YouTube views are all subjective. Be sure to treat every single thing with a pinch of salt.

5. Concentrate on your Goals

It's not difficult to get lost amid criticism and begin to question or even doubt your abilities. However, you must be able to overcome these obstacles and never lose your focus on your goals. What's your YouTube channel's purpose? If it's advertising your accounting services or posting recipes for cooking, it's crucial to concentrate on the goals you intend to accomplish. Single negative feedback should not make you spiral out of control and even alter your vision. The real YouTube subscribers will be with you through thin and thick if you remain true to your principles and provide them with an enjoyable experience.

6. Reply to Time

The millennial generation of today is technologically savvy. They want a quick response to their complaints or feedback in some time, even if it's not immediately. It is essential not to allow a negative review to go in the dark for a long time before responding to it. This sends a message that you're not interested or that paying attention to your clients is not your primary concern. The timing of your response is vital. The quicker you respond to your critics, the less tense the debate gets. The commentator will be able to cool down after they know that you're paying focus and are willing to hear their thoughts.

7. Make sure you correct your mistakes

The worst way to respond when you receive a complaint is to blame the client instead. It is crucial not to overreact; rather, take a step back and discover the main issue. If you've made an error made by you and you cannot accept all responsibility for it. For instance, perhaps the video equipment you used was not set up correctly, which led to an issue with the recording. If most of your customers aren't satisfied with the work you've created, it's time to fix the issues. When you do this, you provide your prospective customers with a reason to offer you a new opportunity.

8. Turn Negative Feedback into Insightful Tutorials

Negative feedback may be the fault of the customer. In particular, they might not be able to use your software correctly. If you're faced with the situation, assist customers in rectifying their mistakes by including instructional YouTube videos. Make and post videos of instructional content to help educate your customers and prevent any miscommunications from arising shortly. Another advantage of posting videos regularly to YouTube channels is that YouTube's algorithm recognizes the content and awards you with more views. It automatically recommends your next post to viewers and results in growth in YouTube views, the number of views, and your subscriber base.

9. Be Prepared to Deal With Trolls

Trolls are people online who seek to create problems simply because they can. Unfortunately that having an internet connection and a phone on your hands is all it takes to unleash hate on the internet. Engaging with them could provide them with more fuel and increase the severity of the behavior. What can be done? If you realize their primary goal is to drag you down, take the safe route and decide not to bother with their comments. Now and then, you can use an incorrect comment to get your point across in a way backed by facts to let your audience discern the truth.

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10. Present a fair solution publicly

Because the issue of negative or negative comments was posted in a public place, It is best to address the issue publicly. When you present solutions that people will be able to see, it helps create an image of your company that you are playing a fair game. They'll be able to see every side of the story and will not be dissatisfied with your company.

11. Reviewers who faked reviews are removed

It could happen that rivals may be sneaky and post fraudulent reviews about your site using accounts that are not verified. If you know that they are false, inaccurate, or were written to defame you, you should consider getting them removed. More information about YouTube's terms of service to submit a review and maintain your YouTube account as positive.

12. For Customers to Update their reviews

If you've succeeded in resolving the customer's issue at their pleasure, you can ask that they update their reviews. You can also request them to leave a comment on the original thread about how you dealt with the problem professionally and managed to provide the best solution. This will make you stand out in customers' eyes when they see that your company recognizes its worth.

13. Be respectful

If you manage negative feedback on your own or employ an entire team that handles it, it's essential to remain respectful to clients. Don't hesitate to apologize to customers if they have experienced a negative experience. Do not contribute to the situation by being rude or dismissive.

14. Locate the Silver Lining

If it weren't for the negative feedback, you wouldn't be aware of the areas you could improve upon. A world that isn't tolerant of criticism would have no interaction, and it would be difficult for companies to know the customers' needs. It might seem odd to be grateful for a negative review, however, this is a positive signal that you can strive to take your business to the next stage.


As you will observe, negative feedback doesn't necessarily mean that it is terrible for your business. With the right approach, you can use negative comments in your favor by turning the negative publicity into something positive. Keep in mind that if you're considerate of your customers and can resolve their complaints promptly, there's no negative review that can damage your business's reputation. It boils down to the level of respect they feel and how quickly you react to their complaints. In the meantime, take advantage of negative reviews to find the shortcomings in your company. Make changes to them to get your customers back from their disgruntled clients or viewers.

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