How to Plan a Successful Office Renovation

Plan a Successful Office Renovation

Are you considering a renovation of your office? Great decision but stepping ahead without a solid plan will leave you confused (and probably broke). Follow these steps to plan a successful office renovation.

Renovating the office can have a bunch of advantages. The office furniture, lighting, and other infrastructural and decorative elements impact the productivity of your employees.

Here is how you can plan a hassle-free and smooth renovation project for your office.

Step 1: Analyse your need

You have to start by analyzing what part of the office you need to renovate. Is it the electricity connection? Perhaps your furniture is a bit uncomfortable for your employees. Want to include a hang-out area in the same space? Or it might be that the bathrooms need modernizing and things like a commercial paper towel dispenser wall mount adding to give staff options when it comes to drying their hands. Your renovation need could be anything, but it is important that you are aware of what you need.

By analyzing your need you can take the next steps in the right direction and also avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Step 2: Set your budget

The next step is to decide the budget. We are sure you have allocated a percentage of money for infrastructural development but it is important to be realistic here. If your goal is to give a complete makeover to your office, then you’ll definitely need a bigger budget. With your budget in mind, you can decide how much and how little you can do with your renovation project. During this stage you'll want to find a reputable online office furniture store to source new items.

Step 3: Outsource a team

Once you have your goal and budget in mind, the next thing you will need is an efficient team. There are many professionals that you can hire to build your team. These service providers know their job, all you have to do is coordinate with them.

These are some of the services that you will have to hire

  1. Interior designers
  2. Renovation or remodeling company
  3. Skip bin service

You might need to hire some other contractors based on your need, but these are the most essential ones. A designer will bring your ideas to reality, the remodeling company will execute the designer's plan, and lastly, a skip ban service to maintain cleanliness during the project so that people in other areas don’t face any inconvenience. Find good contractors that are reliable and trustworthy.

Step 4: Inspection

You’ll need to do a thorough inspection of your office before your begin with renovation. An inspection can detect any repairs, leakages, molds, and other minor or major problems that should be dealt with before you renovate your office. You can do it yourself or the easier option would be hiring an inspection service.

Step 5: Inform your staff

You will probably need to move your staff to a new place for some time or you could even decide on keeping the office closed for some time. Whatever your plan is, make sure your employees know it. Also, tell them your reasons for conducting renovations. If you don’t communicate this with your employees it might cause some unnecessary ruckus on site, which you certainly want to avoid.

Step 6: Renovation

Lastly, you have to execute your meticulously prepared renovation plan. You can be present on-site to monitor the work or you could leave it to the contractor’s manager.


Renovating your office can bring more efficiency and productivity to your work. It also reflects your brand image. Moreover, it is your job to make sure your employees are not facing any issues due to bad infrastructure.

Renovation is not an easy job though. There are many changes to be made and starting the renovation without a plan will add to your expenses and problems. Following these steps will surely help you develop and plan a successful office renovation while helping you avoid any problems throughout.

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