How to Build Brand Trust With Social Media: 6 Proven Strategies

Build Brand Trust With Social Media: 6 Proven Strategies

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with customers and prospective customers. It lets you build trust in your brand, encouraging first-time customers to take the plunge and bringing back loyal customers time and time again.

But what if your social media metrics aren’t quite as good as you’d like? With so much happening on social media, it’s easy to feel like all your efforts are being ignored – or you might be worried that if you do get attention, you’ll go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Here are 6 proven strategies to help you build brand trust with social media:

1. Show Your Human Side – and Be Approachable

Customers want brands to come across as human and approachable. If your social media updates sound like a robot’s in charge, then it’s time to change things up.

Don’t simply share links to your blog content or advertise your products on social media. Instead, aim to engage in conversation, ask questions, and show that there’s a person behind the brand. Be friendly and relatable, though do also make sure that you’re sticking to your business’s brand voice and style (see strategy 6).

2. Reply Promptly to Comments (Especially Complaints)

One of the fantastic things about social media is that it lets you have a two-way conversation with your prospects and customers. This is an opportunity that you definitely want to take advantage of.

When someone comments on one of your social media posts, make sure you reply promptly. This is especially important if they’re complaining about something: getting them a quick response and going on to fix the problem could turn a disgruntled customer into a loyal fan for life.

3. Curate and Share Great Content

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One really easy way to build trust on social media is by sharing great content. Don’t just share your own blog posts – look for other useful resources you can promote. Doing so makes it clear that your brand isn’t all “me me me” and it also helps position you as an expert curator in your field.

When you share content, tag the content creator if possible: they might well reciprocate by sharing some of your content to their audience, further helping to build trust in your brand. Each share you receive is like a vote of trust for you – helping other people’s audiences have a positive perception of you before they even check out your page or profile.

4. Make It Easy for Other People to Share Your Blog Posts

If you’d like to build social media trust effortlessly, make sure it’s easy for other people to share your blog posts and other website content. When someone visiting your site spontaneously tweets about a great post they read on your blog, that helps make you look more trustworthy, as people are talking about your brand positively.

To get more social media shares, make sure you have sharing buttons on your website content. It’s very quick and straightforward to add a share button from ShareThis for each social media site that’s relevant to your audience.

5. Encourage Happy Customers to Leave Reviews

When a customer tells you how delighted they are with your service or product, ask them if they’d be willing to leave a review on Facebook or on another social media platform. Honest customer reviews can go a huge way toward building trust in your brand.

Customers often won’t leave a review spontaneously, unless they were particularly thrilled (or disappointed!) by your product or service. Simply letting them know how much a review would mean to you can easily sway them into writing one. You could also encourage reviews by sharing great reviews that you’ve received on your social media account. This may nudge other people to get around to writing their reviews, plus it’s a great way to highlight what happy customers are saying about you.

6. Be Consistent With Your Branding

If your audience can’t easily work out that your social media profile actually belongs to your company, then you have a problem. You can’t build trust if people aren’t even sure that the account is the “real you.”

Make sure you understand what exactly branding is – and then come up with some guidelines so that everyone in your company who posts on social media can stick to the same brand voice, colors, approach, and so on.

By putting the above tips into practice, you’ll be able to build trust with your target audience through your social media accounts. You should soon start to see the results: more leads, more sales, and more repeat business.

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