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With 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is definitely worth a look from entrepreneurs and business marketers as a way to connect with your audiences. Many businesses don't give Instagram the attention it deserves simply because it's a mobile-based platform social media platform.  It does have business tools and profiles but typically must be managed from a smartphone. You can upload photos only from a tablet or smartphone, but not laptops or desktops. You can save drafts, but not schedule them for future posting.

It's not a problem if you're a casual user. After all, being able to upload photos straight from your mobile device and see them on your Instagram feed right away is the height of convenience. But if you want to build a business brand, this poses some limitations. You're most likely editing photos and have a planned content calendar for your business marketing. As such, you most likely would want to schedule posts beforehand using a computer where your brand assets are stored.  And before, this could not be done on Instagram but now....

What is Grum for Instagram?

You can schedule for Instagram on your desktop with Grum!  As an Instagram auto-scheduler, Grum helps users plan and organize their Instagram feeds beforehand so that they don’t need to post only in real time. You can create and line up entries in the user-friendly dashboard, and schedule them to post with Grum.

Your Instagram feed will be updated in a timely manner even if you're too busy with other stuff.

Grum is a desktop application.

  • Post from your desktop.  You don’t need to transfer your photos from your computer to your mobile device; Grum will post your photos right from your laptop or desktop. That’s one less hassle on your end, especially if you have a lot of images to sort through.
  • Manage multiple accounts.  The dashboard makes it easy to switch between them. You won't have to log out one account and log in to another, then do it over and over again for all your other accounts. Nope, none of that! Thanks to the dashboard, the process is faster and smoother.
  • Post high-quality images.  Grum doesn’t compress images. If you upload high-resolution photos, then your Instagram feed will display them in the same resolution.

A helpful application like Grum is unsurprisingly not free, but it is easy on the pocket.

Currently, they offer three packages: Start, Grow, and Agency. Ideal for small businesses, Start costs $9.95 a month for one to two accounts. A good option for medium-sized businesses, Grow costs $3.95 a month per account for three to five accounts. Designed for big businesses, Agency costs $2.95 a month per account for more than five accounts. All packages come with a free three-day trial and allow unlimited editors.

Whatever package you choose, there’s no denying that Grum is quite affordable and very useful for businesses that market on Instagram.

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