Great Stocks you can Still Buy for Under $5

stocks you can still buy under $5

There are several stocks you can buy under $5. The low prices enable you to buy as many stocks as possible without getting deeper into your pockets. Don’t worry about the payments; it can be enormous or volatile, depending on the circumstances. If you want to buy stocks at $5 or less, you need to look at earnings per share, management, and trading volume. Do not overlook these characteristics. This article has highlighted some stocks you can buy cheaply at $5. Out of the long list of companies, here are the top six.

1. Aphria, trading as APHA

Aphria, a pharmaceutical company in Canada, goes by the name APHA in the NYSE. It deals with research, manufacturing, and distribution of marijuana products, and if you haven’t come across it yet, it’s the largest producer of marijuana products in the Canadian market. It targets both recreational and medicinal needs in its products. Canada recently legalized the manufacture and use of marijuana products. Being one of the companies with stocks under $5, Aphria is committed to growing its marijuana markets in Canada and the global markets. Its acquisition of CC Pharma and LATAM holdings has enabled it to hit markets in Latin American and Germany.

2. Nio Inc., Trading as NIO

This company is a vehicle manufacturer dealing with autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and other technological services. The company has also been competing in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since 2015 and has other initiatives that include a clothing line collaborating with Chalayan, a fashion designer. Based in China, NIO is among the companies you can buy its stocks at less than $5. Its focus is mainly on product innovation and customer experience. Its main hurdles include a lack of charging ports for its electric vehicles. One way of hindering the blocks is by providing charging solutions to homes and highways, battery swap, and pick-and-drop services to selected regions in china.

3. Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Inc., trading as CPRX

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, trading as CPRX, is one of the companies selling its shares at below $5 currently. A biopharmaceutical company that does research develops and sells FDA-approved medication. The products are for individuals suffering from rare neuromuscular and other neurological disorders. The company has its headquarters in Florida and recently launched Firdapse, which treats LEMS, an autoimmune disorder where an immune system attacks its tissue. The drug is being tested for the treatment of other diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy. Its first positive EPS came in the year 2019, and it is still growing to greater heights.

4. Nokia, Trading as NOK

I guess everyone knows the Nokia brand, mostly if you concentrate more on telecommunications. The company, which is based in Finland, deals with telecommunication gadgets, consumer electronics, and information technology data. Currently, it’s focusing on its growth while trying to develop and deploy 5G technology. After a lapse in the previous years, the company has put on several measures to cement its position back into the market. Such efforts include the acquisition of SpaceTime Insight, Bell Labs, not forgetting the Elenion. Its recent EPS in the New York Stock Exchange was $-0.19.

5. Identiv, Trading as INVE

Identiv deals with products focused on security, especially on this coronavirus pandemic. These products include at-home smart card readers and touchless card readers. Identiv has dramatically helped combat the coronavirus pandemic with its Hirsch Velocity Software, which has contract tracing ability in buildings already operating during the epidemic. It also has a Body Temperature Measurement Patch to check fans’ temperatures on stadiums and parks. Due to its gadgets’ sale, its revenue increased by a whopping 13% in the second quarter. Its sales grew by 100% compared to the last quarter. This sales growth shows the company has a smart future ahead, and it’s worth investing in. 

6. SunOpta, trading as STKL

Are you an investor who capitalizes on the booming organic food market? SunOpta is the company for you, and guess what? Its stocks are below $5. The company recently went restructuring and came up with three business segments; fruit-based foods and beverages, plant-based foods and drinks, and global ingredients expanding to the worldwide market. In the first quarter, all three elements grew tremendously, recording a 13% profit on adjusted revenue growth. 

The growth also becomes the second adjusted growth in the company’s history. That means the company’s future is bright. The company hopes to get through the pandemic and concentrate on its growth plans.


Other companies with stocks less than $5 you can think of investing in include AMC Entertainment Holdings, LiveXLive media, OrganiGram Holdings, and much more. The list is endless. The list keeps on updating from time to time, meaning you need to keep on checking out who else is in the top list of stocks you can still buy for under $5.  While this is no guarantee of earnings, these are opinions of stocks priced right with growth potential.

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