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Digital Sales Funnel Basics: Discovering a Simple Overview and Plan

What is a Sales Funnel, and how do I use one online to accomplish growing leads from my website? If you are asking questions about online sales funnels, this is a great post to dig into!  I’ll cover the Digital Sales Funnel basics in simple terms to help you identify a plan and strategy to […]

What is Planoly for Instagram-315(1)

What is Planoly for Instagram?

If you produce or sell products with visual appeal, Instagram may be the unsung hero of your future marketing efforts. Instagram marketing isn’t as well publicized as its older social media cousins, but it offers great results when done correctly. It’s all about planning, concept, and consistency, and that’s kind of tough on any platform. […]

Facebook and Social Media Updates for the week of August 5

Facebook and social media updates happen at a ever-increasing pace!  It’s hard to keep up online with what matters and what’s changed for marketers online. That’s where I aim to step in and add some value to you! Are you keeping up with the Facebook and social media changes?  As soon as I post this, […]

What is and How to Use it for Your Business

What is and How to Use it for Your Business is a CRM suite that contains all the tools needed to effectively nurture relationships with leads and conduct automated email campaigns. With Outstand, you can follow-up with prospects and use e-mail to foster continuous communications with them. How Outstand Helps You Build Relationships Email is known as a powerful tool for creating and maintaining […]

6 Ways Ecommerce Brands Market Themselves Without Being Pushy-315(1)

6 Ways Ecommerce Brands Market Themselves Without Being Pushy

If there’s one thing people hate, it’s being told what to do. If your marketing campaign is exclusively based on telling people to do something (i.e. buy your product). Then, unfortunately, you’re unlikely to find much success. But how can you do marketing without being too pushy? After all, marketing is about trying to persuade […]

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress-315

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

SEO. It’s a short little acronym, but it strikes fear into anyone when it comes to their website. Search Engine Optimization is, for one reason or another, thought to be shrouded in mystery. The rules tend to change every time you turn around, which doesn’t exactly make it easy to master the learning curve! The […]

The 5 Top Secrets to Every Successful Online Campaign

The 5 Top Secrets to Every Successful Online Campaign To have a successful online business, you need to constantly work on your online presence. You need to have a stellar website to drive people towards, you need to build up your page rank using SEO techniques that won’t get you banned, and you need to […]

How to Create an Ebook for Website Email List Building

Having a lead capture plan for your website to grow your email list is critical.  Using a ebook as a tool is a good method for offering something of value.  Let’s dive into the what, why, and how to create a ebook! Is your website growing leads and building your email list? One gap point […]

Improve Your Social Media Engagement with Quizzes and 1 Click Quiz Maker-315

Improve Your Social Media Engagement with Quizzes and 1 Click Quiz Maker

While the word “quiz” may take you back to your school days, quizzes are actually very useful in the world of marketing. Why? Quizzes are an effective and convenient tool for engaging with your audience. On social media a whopping 82% of users complete quizzes. From Facebook to Buzzfeed, quizzes are used to gather relevant […]

6 Local SEO Marketing Tactics for Greater Search Ranking

Being found by a local internet user doing a search for a local business need requires local SEO marketing tactics. It’s a unique arena that requires unique SEO marketing efforts. Is your business performing well in local search? What is local search and local SEO marketing?  How can you improve your local search results? We […]