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FoundonTack Review - 315

FoundonTack Review

Putting your company’s identity onto a social media platform inherently involves more direct communication with: customers, associates, rivals, the potential trolls, and so on. While the Instagram interface is good for interacting with people, it’s not spectacular at analyzing their behaviors and measuring marketing impact. That’s why I love the world of Cloud services. I […]

How to Use Board Booster to Ramp Up Your Pinterest Game-315

How to Use Board Booster to Ramp Up Your Pinterest Game

There’s no denying the traffic potential for your website that can come from Pinterest. Many business-to-consumer businesses report that Pinterest is one of their top traffic referrers. You can see similar results if you use the platform correctly. One of the best ways to get the most out of your Pinterest is simply to pin, […]


Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care Highlight Social Media Marketing World 2017

Facebook, Instagram, Live Video, and Customer Care were highlighted topics at the recent Social Media Marketing World annual conference that brought over 3,000 marketers together in San Diego, California. Each year the key focus is on what is happening in social media and what is working best today.  These four items stood out as keys […]

Grow Website Leads by Targeting Your Ideal Client with Facebook Ads

Grow Website Leads by Targeting Your Ideal Client with Facebook Ads

The first step of an effective inbound marketing campaign is identifying the right market. But after answering the “who” question, the next task is answering the “how.” Luckily, you don’t have to do this from scratch. Online tools like Facebook ads target your intended audience with high precision and accuracy. What Facebook ads look like […]

Facebook and YouTube- Social Media Updates for week ending 47

Facebook and YouTube: Social Media Updates for week ending 4/7

Facebook All Facebook Profiles and Pages Can Now Livestream 360-Degree Video Facebook is adding updates to Livestream faster than you can say, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Now anyone with the right camera can stream 360 videos to their Facebook page or profile. Bottomline If you run events or are an outdoor adventure brand, this would work for you. […]

How to Spot Fake News

How to Spot Fake News

These days, it’s impossible to not hear about fake news unless you live under a media-free rock. These made-up stories are not new, however, and they have been around for decades, with tabloids leading the pack before the Internet and social media wave exploded. Social media and millions of Internet sources have made fake news […]

The Value of a CTA in your Blog Post and Where to Place It

The Value of a CTA in your Blog Post and Where to Place It

A blog is the best resource to connect with new website visitors and to keep returning visitors engaged. It’s one of the reasons CMS platforms like WordPress are so popular. They make blogging easy. There are a few golden rules when it comes to a successful blog. CTAs (Calls To Action) are a must have. […]

8 Lead Capture Free Offer Ideas for Growing Website Leads

It’s all about growing website leads in the online world! Traffic on a site needs to have a conversion percentage…a certain percent that move on to become leads and customers.  This isn’t just for e-commerce sites, but for any site that ultimately offers a product or service.  You need to have a strategy for lead […]

Review of SurveyAnyplace

Review of SurveyAnyplace

There’s no denying that market feedback is just as important as ever. Companies still need to get insight into their customers and prospective customers thoughts. The more you know, the better you’re positioned to deliver exactly what your customers want. The good news is that technology has stepped up to the plate. It’s easy to […]

What is Google AMP_

What is Google AMP?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as Google AMP, is a relatively new framework by Google that focuses on mobile content. When you follow this open-source standard, your website page content loads immediately on mobile platforms for the best quality mobile user experience.  With more web users using mobile devices to surf than desktop, it’s […]