Cloud eCommerce Platform: Choosing the Best for Your Business

Cloud E-Commerce Platform: Choosing the Best for Your Business

Businesses are always looking for the best solutions to improve efficiency and scale-up. Thanks to technology, businesses have gone online and are accessible from anywhere in the world. This is called eCommerce or digital commerce. The main benefit of eCommerce is expanding the customer base, now that clients can make an order online from anywhere and have it delivered.

Now, let's introduce another crucial concept of digital commerce: the cloud eCommerce platform. This is a platform with remote servers that provides solutions such as website design and hosting, data storage and processing, buying and selling outlets, and payment processing to the eCommerce business and one example of this is the Launch Cart. Each platform comes with a plethora of options to help your online business grow. However, you have to choose the best for your business. If this is what you want, then we will guide you with more insights.

Features of the Best Cloud eCommerce Platform

If you are looking forward to deploying your business on the cloud or online, you must be thinking of a solution to make it easy. A cloud eCommerce platform takes care of the back-end technology of your business, leaving you with only one thing to worry about—the front end. Whether your business is running the Malaysian market or you have customers from other parts of the globe, an eCommerce platform is a must for success.

  • Business focus

Some platforms are designed for B2B while others are best for B2C. So, you should check the focus of the platform and ensure it suits your type of business. The best ones are open to both.

  • Data security

The cloud eCommerce platform will collect, store, and analyze business data for you. Hence, it must assure you of data security and integrity at all times. Also, it should be fast to retrieve data and accurate when processing reports.

  • Focus on customer experience

Since you will be using the eCommerce platform to launch and conduct your business or connect to various markets, then it should assure the best customer experience. This means responsive websites, excellent media and product descriptions, and zero downtime among others.

  • Easy payment solution

Clients, whether individuals or other businesses, need to pay for goods and services in an easy, secure, and reliable way. The platform you choose should accept major online payment options. You must also ensure that you can maintain payment data security and accuracy.

  • Marketing features

Business promotion, advertisement, and marketing strategies are very crucial when choosing a cloud eCommerce platform. The best ones have tools to help you reach your customers appropriately.

Well, there are many other solutions you can get with a reliable cloud eCommerce platform whether you are starting a new business or expanding your existing one. Virto Commerce is one of the popular platforms for e-commerce that you can use today. And you can compare it with other similar solutions to know which one works best for you.

Examples of a Top Cloud eCommerce Platform

If you have read this far, you are clearly looking at establishing an effective e-commerce strategy. Here are three popular cloud eCommerce platforms that you may want to consider.

  • Virto Commerce

It is an ASP.NET cloud eCommerce platform with relevant solutions for big eCommerce businesses, usually B2B. Most of the solutions are customizable to suit different business setups.

  • BigCommerce

Likewise, this is a flexible eCommerce solution for big businesses. The good thing is that it is both a shopping cart and a SaaS. This means different clients can subscribe to access integrated marketplaces and eCommerce operation tools. Consider using a Bigcommerce development agency to set up your business for best results.

  • Wix

Although it is best known for building websites, Wix is now a big platform for eCommerce that wants to build online stores. It is worth mentioning on this list because it helps SMBs to launch through online store creation, cloud data storage, and selling. If you do not mind the limitations of a "younger player" but promising cloud eCommerce platform, then Wix could be your choice to explore.

In addition to these platforms, it’s important to consider other robust solutions available in the market, especially if you’re transitioning from a different eCommerce environment. For businesses currently using Magento and looking to switch to a more scalable and user-friendly platform, Shopify Plus offers a comprehensive solution. Migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus can streamline your operations and enhance your eCommerce capabilities.

Final Words

When choosing a cloud eCommerce platform, you should choose very wisely. Look at the features and the charges and ensure they suit your business needs. Now that we have given you the right information, it is time to make the right decision.

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