Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro: Increase the Speed and Security of Your Computer

cleaner one pro from trend micro

With Cleaner One Pro, Trend Micro has made it easy for the average computer user to fix several common issues on a Mac or PC. The program comes with several features designed to boost your Mac or PC's overall speed and performance. This eliminates the need to frequently contact IT professionals every time your computer has performance issues. Below are some features and benefits worth noting within Cleaner One Pro.

Cleaning Features

If you have experienced challenges eliminating duplicated files and cleaning your PC before, make use of the Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro. Cleaning features that ensure optimization of your PC from this program include;

  • Cleans junk files – the tool has quick-scan features that delete temporary files, trash on your external hard drive, and hidden files accumulating from uninstalled applications.
  • Scans large files – very few apps can scan and clean significantly large files on your pc. This is why you should take advantage of the Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro. It quickly detects large files that take up a lot of storage space on your hard drive. The program filters files by size, name, date, and type. Fortunately, you can lock important files to prevent them from accidental deletion.
  • Disk map – knowing how your disk is mapped is important. With this feature, the program provides detailed information about your disk using an intuitive visual map. The tool evaluates your disk storage with a color-coded mapping of the folders on your disk. This makes it easy to manage and search for specific information from various files and folders.
  • Duplicate files –the Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro can help find and filter duplicated files in a single click. With this feature, you can identify and remove similar music files, photos, and other duplicated files.
  • Windows registry cleaner – the program also scans the Windows registry automatically to identify residual errors stemming from invalid data entries. Cleaning or defragmenting such entries creates more space.

Optimization Features

If your PC starts lagging, consider optimizing its performance. Key optimization features from this tool include;

  • Startup manager – this tool helps in reviewing, configuring, and controlling programs activated when starting windows. Normally, installed programs are automatically queued to launch during the Windows startup process. However, this can slow your operating system, especially if there are too many programs, causing the operating system to take too long before booting up. With this tool, you can disable unnecessary startup programs, consequently improving your computer’s bootup and overall speed.
  • Registry – removing unnecessary windows registry items keeps your system stable, efficient, and secure. An overloaded RAM often lags to process instructions and complete tasks.
  • Defragments disk – the tool enables PC users to take full control over their hard disk space. You can easily defragment your disk to create more space and improve the organization of folders.

cleaner one delete junk files

Application Management Features

The Cleaner One Pro tool from Trend Micro also has excellent application management features. As the name suggests, you can use this to sort apps using their sizes, names, and dates, allowing you to organize apps in a way you can navigate with ease. The application manager also makes it possible to eliminate programs that aren't necessary. The best thing is that you can delete the programs in batches, saving time.

Removing unwanted applications and unnecessary data is important as it frees up your PC's disk space and RAM, thus improving performance. You can also easily manage your browser extensions. With a centralized dashboard, there is no hassle completing these tasks. The application manager also saves you from searching widely for specific items, improving productivity.

Intuitive User Interface

Enjoying the benefits of this tool becomes impossible if you cannot use it with ease. This is why Trend Micro fronted a minimalist user interface, making it easy to navigate, even for non-tech savvy users. The easy interface enables users to check the system status and scan the hard drive with one click.

The intuitive dashboard visibly displays all cleaning, application management, and optimization features. For instance, if you want to configure an automatic scanning schedule, you don't need to open the interface. With an enabled background run, it enables users to proceed with other system activities. It also features an elegant theme, which makes it enjoyable. The theme's design doesn't have shouting colors or abnormal font size, and all the elements are nicely placed.


  • Centralized dashboard management
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Optimization features boost PC performance
  • Easy to uninstall programs from the computer


  • Requires additional security features
  • Needs to be frequently updated

Bottom Line

The Cleaner One Pro from Trend Micro expertly cleans computer junk files, eliminates unwanted apps and unnecessary data. The entire software is light and doesn't compromise your computer system. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS, making it available for all users. Together the full array of tools can make your computer faster, more secure, and last longer by freeing up disk space.

For the individual or small business who is not yet ready to go the full IT managed route, this tool can be a powerful help to keep your machine running well.

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