Building an Office: Why you Need to Start with the Reception Area

Building an Office: Why you Need to Start with the Reception Area

When designing an office, many people care little about the reception area in favor of functional areas like conference rooms, offices, and workstations. Visitors' initial point of contact is the reception area, which significantly impacts how they perceive the business. This is why starting with the reception area is crucial when building an office.

This article will discuss why the reception area is important and how the receptionist desk is crucial in creating a welcoming environment for visitors.

Receptionist Area

The reception area is the first place guests will encounter when they arrive at the office. Their initial impression of the workplace is here, establishing the tone for the remainder of their visit. Building confidence and trust with customers, partners, and potential employees may start with a strong first impression from the reception area. On the other hand, a reception area that is uninviting might leave a wrong impression that can be challenging to change. For this reason, the reception area must come first while building an office. A key aspect of creating a strong first impression is a professional installation of art and decor. Art that is hung crookedly or appears unstable can give a negative impression and reflect poorly on your business. Therefore, consider companies like Newcastle Picture Hanging Services for help with professional art installation.

The Receptionist Desk

One of the most critical elements of the reception area is the receptionist desk. The receptionist desk is the focal point of the reception area. After all, the receptionist welcomes guests and controls traffic entering and leaving the office. Visitors can also sign in, get badges, and get directions to specific offices from here.

The receptionist desk is a crucial part of the reception area, thus, you must create it with functionality and aesthetics in mind.


The receptionist desk must have enough room. After all, the receptionist must store office supplies, visitor IDs, and any other things they could require. Locate the desk so the receptionist can easily monitor and control the flow of people into and out of the office.


The receptionist's desk should be aesthetically pleasing to make the space friendly for guests. It should blend with the reception area's general decor and be visually appealing. The receptionist's desk can be made of many materials, such as wood, glass, or metal, depending on the style of the office. It should be comfortable so that the receptionist can work for extended periods.

Common Types of Reception Desks include;

  1. L-shaped desks are rectangular with a workstation and front counter for the receptionist to sit behind.
  2. Curved reception desks have a curved front counter, making the space feel cozier and more inviting.
  3. Standing reception desks are becoming increasingly common since they give receptionists more mobility.
  4. Built-in desks blend in with the building's architecture and can give the space a polished appearance.

Other Elements to be Considered Designing the Reception Area

In addition to the receptionist desk, consider other important elements when designing the reception area. Remember to focus on furniture, lighting, and decorations. The seating space must be comfortable and functional for different visitors, from individuals to large groups. Furthermore, the lighting should be bright enough to create a welcoming atmosphere without being overwhelming. Finally, the decor should reflect the office's brand identity and aesthetic.


The reception area is the first place guests encounter when they arrive at the office. For this reason, the reception area must come first while building an office. The receptionist desk is a crucial part of the reception area and must be made with practicality and aesthetics in mind. Make it a friendly environment that will give visitors an excellent first impression. Really focus on the design and feel of the reception area and the receptionist's desk. This will help you gain the trust and credibility of clients, partners, and potential employees.

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