Beyond the Batteries - What to Do When the DirecTV Remote Stops Working

Beyond the Batteries - What to Do When the DirecTV Remote Stops Working

DirecTV is among the most popular options users have in the television and entertainment industry. It uses satellite technology, unlike most TVs that use traditional cables. This makes it one of the best options for people who live in areas where there is no internet connection. However, you might encounter some challenges when using DirecTV. One of the most common challenges is having issues with the DirecTV remote. Sometimes, you might realize that the remote stops working. What do you do?

Of course, the first step is checking whether the batteries still work or not. You can replace them with new ones. Beyond the batteries, there are other steps you can take to fix your remote if it is not working. Here are some of the best fixes;

Clean the DirecTV Remote

Sometimes, you might have dust building on and around your remote. This prevents the remote keys from sending signals to your TV.

  1. Get a clean and soft linen piece of cloth.
  2. Carefully and gently wipe the remote to ensure that it is clean and free from dust.
  3. Stand about five feet away from your TV and then try using the remote again.

Ensure the DirecTV Remote Doesn’t Have Stuck Buttons

You might find your remote with buttons that have been stuck in the pressed position.

You need to fix this problem;

  1. Ensure that the mode of your remote has been set to DirecTV.
  2. Run your fingers on the remote’s buttons to see if any buttons are stuck.
  3. Unstuck all stuck buttons.
  4. Try using the remote again.

Change the Mode of Your DirecTV Remote

DirecTV remotes come with different modes. If your remote stops working, you can try changing between the different modes to see if it will start working.

To do that;

  1. Press your DirecTV menu button.
  2. Select settings and then remote control.
  3. You will see different options here, with one of them being IR/RF Setup. Select the IR/RF Setup option.
  4. Change the mode of your DirecTV remote here and then press continue. If you are using the universal DirecTV remote, change the mode to IR. Those using the Genie DirecTV remote should choose the RF mode.
  5. Select Exit and then try using the remote again.

Reset Your DirecTV Remote and Your Receiver

Sometimes, you might also have to reset both your DirecTV remote and your receiver.

To reset the receiver;

  1. Locate a button - usually red - on your receiver.
  2. Press this button continuously until the receiver restarts.
  3. Try using your DirecTV remote to see if it works.

You might also have to reset your DirecTV remote.

To do that, follow these steps;

  1. Press the Select and Mute button on the DirecTV remote at the same time.
  2. Keep pressing these buttons until you see a green light at the top of the switch flashing. Ensure that it flashes twice.
  3. Press buttons 9, 8, and 1. The green light will then blink four times if you have followed these steps correctly.
  4. After a few seconds, press the Menu, Guide, or List buttons to see if the remote has started working.

Pair Your DirecTV Remote With Your Receiver

If your DirecTV remote stops working, it may not be paired with your receiver. This means that it cannot control the receiver properly.

To pair the remote with your receiver, follow these steps;

  1. Press and hold the Enter button on your DirecTV remote for about five seconds.
  2. You will see the sources menu on the screen of your TV. Choose the receiver input that you would like to use with your TV.
  3. Press the Mute and Enter buttons on the DirecTV remote simultaneously. When doing this, make sure that the remote is pointed towards the receiver.
  4. You will get a message that asks you to set the IR/RF setting on your TV screen. Choose the setting you would like to use. As discussed above, if you are using the universal DirecTV remote, change the mode to IR. Those using the Genie DirecTV remote should choose the RF mode.

DirecTV Remote Alternatives

What can you do if you are not able to fix your remote using one of the procedures discussed above?

Well, one option would be installing the DirecTV application on your Android or iOS device. After installing the app, browse for your TV and you will get a remote control that you can use to control your TV. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the remote.

You can also replace your DirecTV remote by ordering one online or calling their direct helpline on their website.

Looking at these solutions, you do not have to hire a technician whenever your DirecTV remote stops working or has issues.

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