Why Even Auto Repair Shops Need to Increase Their Digital Marketing Strategies

auto repair shop

Yes, even a local auto repair shop can benefit from and need to increase its digital marketing strategies.

Auto repair shops exist entirely in the physical world, and their customer base is typically those in their neighborhood. The problem with relying only on those who live near you is that, quite simply, you aren’t making the most of your business. People will go further for greater quality service, and you can benefit from this desire, you just need to be found. To do this, you need to not only have an online presence, but you need to work on improving your digital marketing so that people know how good you are, where you are, and why they should go to you over their local auto repair shop.

To do this, follow this guide:

  • Start Your Website

Your website is your hub of activity. Having one will not only let users and search engines alike who you are, but where you are and what you offer. You can use this site to then create local listings so that you can be found much easier, and can even use it to help you advertise.

  • Improve Your SEO

SEO is your website’s on-site and off-site search engine optimization. Essentially it means making sure that your website can easily be read by Google, and has the traits that Google ranks highly. It also means having genuine backlinks to your site. This can be done through the local listings. All this work means that when someone searches for an auto repair shop in your area, they will find you at the top of the search results. The first page of search results receives 90% of traffic, so you need to get up there if you want new customers.

If this seems overwhelming it can be best to hire professionals or take a digital marketing course to improve your skills.

  • Use Engaging Branding

Having ugly, unprofessional branding isn’t going to help you get new customers. Instead, invest and create a logo that not only tells customers who you are, but what you are and what your values are. This can be done through a use of color, font, and design. Take this logo design and then put it throughout your store as well. This means having business cards with the logo for each team member, giving a customized auto repair invoice to your customers and suppliers, and more. The more cohesive your branding, the better your overall image will be.

Incorporate this branding into your website and local listings as well, and new customers will know which logo to watch out for when they are coming down the street. Make it visible, make it professional, and make sure it can easily be seen.

auto repair shop

Digital advertising is a must for every store because people don’t drive around looking for the shops that they need, they search for them in advance online. They will also vet you before they ever visit you, so make sure your customer service is great, so you get the reviews to back up your quality. This digital marketing will mean more customers, more repeat business, and the ability to branch out and expand.

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