The Advantages of a Private Email Platform

The Advantages of a Private Email Platform

Email is one of the most essential forms of communication for individuals and businesses. It's fast, readily available, and accessible 24 hours a day. Running a business without email would be much more difficult, more costly, and less profitable. There are many free email mail programs such as Google's Gmail. You sign up, create an account, and you're on your way. There are, however, downsides to free email apps. Your privacy is not guaranteed. A better way to go is to use a private email platform. You have to pay but the advantages may the fee well worth it.

Tech Companies Sell Your Email Address

Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Hotmail offer free accounts for a reason. They sell your email address to other companies and make profits that way. Most people receive tons of annoying spam in their email boxes every single day. Even anti-spam software has trouble keeping up with it. A private email platform avoids this problem completely. Your email address is only distributed to the parties you decide to give it to. An uncluttered box containing only emails pertinent to your business can improve efficiency and certainly makes that part of your business more pleasant.

Tech Companies Are Reading Your Emails

One of the major differences between standard mail and email is that your messages are not sealed in an envelope. They are out there and accessible, especially to the tech companies who provide the service. Rest assured, they are looking at your emails. Have you ever sent an email to a friend or customer and mentioned something you have never talked about before? How many times does an ad for that item or service pop up in your email or browser? This is yet another way in which tech companies make money off the free service they provide. Privacy is important for businesses and customers. A private platform keeps your emails away from prying eyes.

Big Tech Emails Providers Are More Prone to Data Breaches

Big tech companies do provide security to their email customers. However, they are much more prone to phishing scams, viruses, and data breaches. Any of these problems can cost you customers, time, and money. A private email platform generally has better security and allows you to better protect yourself using your own antivirus and anti-spam software. Data breaches can be devasting to your customers as well as your business.

Extra Encryption Protection

For extra security and protection, a private email platform can allow you to send encrypted, password-protected emails. They cannot be read unless the recipient uses the secure password that you have provided. This provides an additional layer of security for extremely sensitive communication that could cause big problems if it were viewed by the wrong sets of eyes.

A good email service is a necessity for a successful business. Many of the big tech companies offer free email but it doesn't come at a price. Consider a private email platform. The fees you will pay are nothing compared to the potential losses that a free big tech account can inflict with the lack of security.

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