A Review of Penji for Graphic Design Services

A Review of Penji for Graphic Design Services

Every organization and digital marketer understands the value of graphic design. The right graphic design elements enhance branding, improve brand visibility, and boost brand recall. Graphic design, done right, can also boost visitor engagement and increase lead conversions.

To this end, the Penji team has built a convenient graphic design outsourcing platform so you can get the best designs conveniently and without burning a hole in your pocket.

But, is Penji worth the hype? Does it offer value for money, or should you find someone else or even create your graphic designs in-house? We’ve reviewed the platform so you can make an informed decision.

What is Penji?

Penji is a professional graphic design service. It’s an outsourcing platform that brings together marketers and organizations on one side and graphic designers on another so that you can get the best graphic designs while the designer earns a living doing what they love most.

This makes it a valuable tool for brands and marketers who may not have the resources to hire an in-house design team. It’s also the perfect solution for graphic design agencies looking to complete projects fast.

What Does it Do?

You can order pretty much anything you may want from a graphic designer. The following are just a few examples;

  • Branding for pitch decks, logos, and others
  • Designs for t-shirts and other promotional items
  • Infographics, typography, and other illustrations
  • Custom UI and UX designs for apps and websites
  • Stationery, label, packaging, and other print designs
  • Designs for digital ads, banners, social media, and others

How it Works

The first step is to sign up. Click “Login” on the home page and select “sign up” on the login page. Then follow the prompts.

The prompts vary depending on whether you’re signing up as a brand or an individual. Individual signup is straightforward. However, brands need to navigate to the “Brands” menu, select “Create Brand,” and fill the provided form. After that, you can invite your team members to submit design requests.

Requesting a design project is easy too. Head to the “New Project” section, choose a design category from the drop-down menu, provide a project title, and include a brief description of the project. You can also upload relevant files. Hit “Send” once done.

The Penji team will assign the project to an appropriate designer, who’s required to start work right away. It takes 24-48 hours to complete a design project, though some may take longer depending on the complexity.

You’re free to request revisions until you’re satisfied with the work, at which point you can download the project for your own use.


Penji offers many valuable features for your convenience. However, it stands out for the following five features;

  • Professional designers: Penji vets all designers and closely tracks each member’s performance to retain only the best talent.
  • Unlimited revisions: You’re allowed to request revisions as many times as necessary until you’re satisfied.
  • Complete ownership of designs: You own all the designs you pay for and can use them as you deem fit.
  • Custom illustrations: Take advantage of professional-quality custom illustration design services at a fraction of the cost.
  • Human support: Clients enjoy timely human support via email, Slack, and Penji’s built-in messaging system.


Penji has three pricing plans, i.e., Pro, Team, and Agency. Penji Pro (priced at $399/month) gives you access to unlimited graphic design, unlimited brands, one designer, and unlimited users. Meanwhile, Penji Team ($499/month) offers everything in Pro plus more, while Penji Agency ($899/month) offers everything in Team plus more.


Signing up with Penji can be an excellent investment for marketers and graphic design teams and agencies. The platform gives you access to a vast pool of talented professional graphic designers at attractive rates. Even if you are using free design tools the hours it can take you versus what a professional team can do is often not worth it.  Penji makes it simple and it’s easy to use to get great designs. Definitely worth a try!

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