Zinrelo Review - A Loyalty Rewards Program for Businesses

Zinrelo is an enterprise-grade loyalty rewards platform that aims to maximize repeat sales by ensuring 360-degree customer involvement and retention. You may wonder what a loyalty program is and what does to help sales. Well, for one it helps to improve customer engagement & retention which are critical for any business. Building on this principle, Zinrelo is one of the most trusted loyalty rewards platforms that cater to 100 million+ satisfied loyalty members across 50+ countries worldwide. 

What does Zinrelo offer?

Zinrelo’s platform offers all the important aspects needed in any loyalty program. It starts with 360 engagement for customers which includes the following:

Multi-Dimensional Loyalty for earning points:

  • Transactional loyalty: Points can be awarded for purchases across all sales channels (eg. Online, in-store, 3rd parties, phone orders, etc.); leading to omni-channel loyalty.
  • Social loyalty: Different social sharing activities by customers across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter will lead to them earning points.
  • Behavioural loyalty: Points can be awarded to influence various types of customer purchase behaviour & attributes like increased points for higher AOV, bonus points for specific products.
  • Engagement loyalty: Zinrelo’s platform allows businesses to award points for increased engagement with the brand - email sign-ups, points on birthdays, account creation, or profile completion on the websites. 
  • Advocacy loyalty: Zinrelo offers points for each successful referral and reviews provided for the brand.
  • Emotional loyalty: The emotional connection can be created with the loyalty program. It is a powerful tool that can be leveraged. These could include- invitations to exclusive events, donations to charity, surprise & delights, etc.

Flexible Reward Options:

  • Loyalty tiers: Zinrelo’s platform allows loyalty tiers to be set up, with associated monetary & non-monetary benefits for gamification and rewarding of higher spending members.
  • Exclusivity & unique experiences: The tiers can also be tied into exclusive benefits, and various aspirational rewards can also be set up within Zinrelo
  • Discounts: Points can be redeemed in exchange for discounts off the next customer purchase, and for other rewards like free shipping, a free product or service, etc.
  • Rewards catalog: Zinrelo provides a comprehensive rewards catalog, including options to donate points to a charitable cause, gift cards from various reputed brands & cashback.

A Loyalty Rewards Program for Businesses

Why Zinrelo?

  • White Glove Service: A dedicated customer success manager is setup for every customer; for periodic proactive reviews, recommendations & loyalty program best practices; as well as support & service. 
  • Data Science approach: Zinrelo uses a data science approach to analyse historical transaction data and business objectives/challenges; and then recommends an optimized rewards program structure.
  • Targeted loyalty campaigns: Machine learning algorithms help create user segments based on various attributes; and then runs customized campaigns based on the unique motivations of these different customer segments. 
  • Flexible and Highly scalable:

API first technology ensures flexibility and unlimited customizability. It facilitates seamless integration with any third-party software without having to reconstruct the entire system. 

  • Highly Secure: Periodic vulnerability assessments, strong authentication, and encryption ensure that the data is safe. Moreover, Zinrelo does not have ownership or store any of the sensitive customer data
  • Comprehensive reporting for easy analysis: Comprehensive reporting gives detailed insights into overall program performances and improvement areas. There is a campaign-wise tracking system. 
  • Easy to use backend: Zinrelo provides access to a web-based admin console which can be used to configure the program and setup rules, and also have a 360-degree view of the members.


Zinrelo loyalty rewards program is pre-integrated with all major e-commerce platforms, email marketing tools, and review platforms. Additionally, it can be integrated into any site by adding a JavaScript snippet on all pages of the website without the requirement of any coding. Zinrelo's snippet claims to be asynchronous and non-block; hence it should not block the loading of page resources on the website. There is a rich library of apps that can be used without any additional coding or integration changes.

A Loyalty Rewards Program for Businesses Zinrelo

Although it is claimed that the integration can be done by a non-IT person, some users have reported that the initial setup might take some time. So, it is advisable to use the services of an IT expert. Zinrelo’s team is also capable of helping with this integration, and they have comprehensive documentation for support and guidance.


Zinrelo offers a pay-as-you-grow approach for their loyalty rewards programs. The site does not contain any exact pricing range, but the pricing plans are divided into two categories:

For small and medium businesses that are still growing, the package includes:

  • Affordable Pricing Plans 
  • Pre-configured Reward Activities 
  • Referral Programs
  • Gift Coupon Redemptions
  • Loyalty Reports
  • Email Engagement Workflows
  • Mobile-Friendly Services
  • Website Theming

Large scale businesses or Enterprises, features available are:

    • A tiered pricing option for budget-friendly roll-out.
    • Data Analysis Service
    • A dedicated accounts team to design the best suitable business program.
    • Advanced Business Rules Engine 
    • Advanced Reports 
    • Mobile App Support
    • Point-of-Sale Support
    • Role-Based Access Program
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Early Access to Features
  • Monthly Business Review

A Loyalty Rewards Program for Businesses

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  • Data science: The way Zinrelo handles and processes data is unique in many ways. 
    • An optimised rewards program is set up from the start.
    • Machine learning algorithms help segment customers which helps customize campaigns
    • With changes in trends, their reports suggest areas of improvement
  • Fast: SaaS architecture ensures blazing fast response.
  • Safe and Secure: There is strong authentication and encryption to ensure that your data remains your own. Periodic vulnerability assessments are conducted.
  • Extensive Rewards Catalog: Customized rewards based on users' activities, online or in-store purchases, referrals, posts, stories with an easy redeem facility.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Super responsive customer support team to rectify any discrepancies. 


The website does not list exact pricing like the other rewards platforms, but that might be because Zinrelo is a premium platform with many more options. 

Other than this, in my opinion, there isn't any other major drawback with the Zinrelo rewards


Companies and pricing plans starting from:

  1. Loyalty Lion - $399, $699, and $1500 per month
  2. Kangaroo Rewards - $149/month
  3. Goody - $79/month
  4. $49, $199, $599 per month

What sets Zinrelo apart from other rewards platforms is its data science-driven approach, extensive customer support, multi-language capabilities, a pay-as-you-grow approach which makes pricing affordable. Conclusion

Zinrelo’s data-driven approach has empowered numerous brands loyalty rewards programs. Zinrelo has 5-star rating on all premium reviews sites and it was also recognized as the Most Promising Magento Consulting Service Providers 2020 by CIO review. We highly recommend using Zinrelo for your business as it is one of the best loyalty rewards platforms we have come across.

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