5 Geofencing Tools to Use for Local Marketing

5 Geofencing Tools to Use for Local Marketing-615

Geofencing is a marketer's dream. Are you up on this newer technology? It’s the perfect blend of digital media and location based advertising working together for local businesses. After all, what could be better than reminding your customers of a great deal when they're right near your store?

It works fairly simply….smartphone users with location-based services on are able to be identified and are given a push notification with an offer when they are in the “geo-located set area” (geofence). There are countless stories of how creative marketers have used geofencing directed to smartphone users to drive more sales at malls, special events, trade shows and more.

How do you get started? We’ll it’s not so hard with some new tools on the market. The first step is to choose your tools. We've rounded up some of the best, to make your choice a little easier.

Koupon Media

Koupon Media not only delivers location-specific ads and messages based on their customer's geofence area, but they also offer in-depth targeting that allows you to narrow down the demographic.

We all know targeted marketing is the best way to reach people who want to buy what you're selling, and this platform allows you to do just that.


xAd is a traditional geofencing tool, that's heavily location weighted. They call it proximity targeting, and the idea is simple: if people are already in or near your store, why not steer them towards purchases that they don't know they need to make (yet!)


NextBee is another great choice, but in this case, the platform is all about location-based rewards. So when a customer is near your store, they receive a message about a limited time special offer on one of your products. Very few people can resist a great deal, and since they're there already, it's a very easy sell!


LocationSmart uses a combination of big data from devices and carrier networks to match the right offers to the right target customers and send marketing messages within the geofenced area. So it's all about saying the right thing to the right person, at the right time. Like the best salesperson, you never had.

Ninth Decimal

Imagine targeting potential customers with great offers, while they're at your competitor's stores. That's the sort of functionality that Ninth Decimal offers. There's also a convenient store locator that makes it easy to direct those customers to your store once you've reached them.

Great Tools, Great Marketing

The right tools for any job make the task much easier. Any of these geofencing tools can help you to capture your potential customers' attention when they're conveniently close by.

For retail businesses, restaurants and other brick and mortar companies, geofencing is one of the most innovative marketing technologies.  Begin to experiment so you can be at the front-end of the curve and grab your share of new business!

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