3 Most Important Things You Should Know About NERC CIP

NERC CIP overview

 You might often wonder how the vast electrical system of our country is managed? Do you want to know how they track the electrical lines, their consumption, and usage in different fields? Well, the answer to these questions is just one term – NERC! The NERC CIP, or the North American Reliability Corporation, is a critical infrastructure plan and a vital process set forth to protect, secure, and maintain America's electric grid. This CIP plan is the accurate coordination of NERC's operations that helps in enhanced safety of the country's power infrastructure.

The necessary information about NERC CIP!

The NERC CIP system has a total of 9 standards that a company is encouraged to follow and also outlines 45 requirements. These standards are extremely essential, and you cannot excuse yourself from them. We are sure you want to know more about NERC compliance and how to stay within the boundaries. Check for the essentials below: 

  1.       The ways of checking for compliance -- The authorities check for the proper working of your electrical system through these criteria:
    •         Report the sabotage –The authorities want to know if your electrical system was interrupted by a third party and the harm it caused to the company. There are readability experts in their team who ensure to track and find the loopholes. So, you can't hide anything from them.
    •         Certification – Once a year, the requirements of the NERC CIP are verified, and they provide a certificate on the condition of your electrical system.
    •         Spot checking audits – Generally, you are provided with thirty days prior notice to prepare the system for the audit. And then, this process is followed.
    •         Periodic audits – Even these are essential and carried out once in three years according to the schedule.
    •         Triggered examination – This happens after the company gets a 60 days notice of standard compliance.
  1.     What is needed to become NERC CIP compliant? -- If you are the owner of the bulk power systems or use them in any way, you have to pass two crucial tests to be CIP compliant.
    •         Reliability -- Refers to the bulk power system's capability to accurately provide power to customers in the correct frequency and voltage at all times. You should be prepared for the sudden power outages, create a perfect balance between supply and demand, and monitor each detail properly.
    •         Security –The cyber safety systems are getting updated constantly. Initially, it was only about protecting against sudden power attacks. However, now there are terrorist attacks and cyber crimes to consider. So, you have to provide lots of security strategies like firewalls and a higher level of security arrangements. 
  1.     Who requires to comply with the NERC CIP guidelines? -- Any company or owner managing or dealing with a bulk electrical system needs to be NERC CIP compliant. To put it most simply, you are not expected to abide by the NERC terms if you own only a computer, a play station, and a television. But, if you deal with a massive number of electrical connections, which, when it shows some issues, can cause an enormous threat to the environment and people, then you need to have a NERC CIP compliant certificate. And to attain this, you require the help and guidance of Proven Compliance Solutions INC. These NERC compliance solutions providers guarantee that you pass the audits and the examinations without any worries and even keep the entire system safe and sound. They have a team of highly qualified experts, software engineers, and managers who offer extensive help and better electrical help to your company or organization. 

 It might seem a bit taxing for you to get compliant with the NERC standard. But remember, these are for the betterment of the nation and even safeguard your company as a whole. Plus, it wisely preserves electricity. Try to abide by their rules if you want to continue working securely with electricity in the country.

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