10 Unique Shipping Container Business Ideas to Consider


Unique Shipping Container Business Ideas to Consider

Over the past few years, the cost of construction materials has gone up. Additionally, any construction project requires much planning with labor, costing you a fortune just to build a small structure.

The good news is that you have a solution if you need to start a small business that requires a small space. Consider renting or purchasing a shipping container. Or perhaps you already own one and are unsure how to use it? Now is your chance to begin a business on it and use it commercially.

Here are some budget-friendly ideas for businesses that you can start in a shipping container:

1. Café

People are drawn to the coffee house because it creates a magnificent ambiance. Therefore, transforming your shipping container into a coffee shop could earn you some profit. You can design it, decorate it, or customize it according to a theme you like. If you give it a signature look, your coffee kiosk will stand out from your competitors and be an inexpensive and versatile business option. With such a unique design, people would be enticed to take pictures in your coffee shop and post it on their social media pages, giving you free publicity.

2. Studio Space

Another great option is to open up a studio space – especially if you're low on budget. Studio space won't even take much space, buy any available small shipping container for sale, design interiors, and you have a space to teach your own skill. It doesn't matter what type of class you want. It could be a pottery studio, an art studio equipped with easels and models, or perhaps a private music class where students can learn how to play instruments; what matters is that you use it productively. This business idea can also quickly earn you back the money you spent on the container.

3. Space for Offices

The cost of office space has skyrocketed in recent years. If you put a container office in your home space, you will be saved from the rental cost. Your office container can also be shipped to any site you like. For example, if you are doing a construction project, you can put your office container at your site. Once the project is complete, this container can be relocated to another location.

Shipping container offices can also be used as storage facilities if you have an online store.

4. Event Space

Many companies rent out shipping containers exclusively for events. From pop-up art galleries to live music concerts, shipping containers serve as venues for several temporary events. If your event doesn't require a long-term lease of a building, a shipping container may be your best bet.

The right company will help you select the right size and design a box that meets your needs. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to shipping container business ideas.

5. Bar on the beach

If you live in a country that has beaches, starting a beach bar calls for a perfect business idea. If you live close to the beach, you can strategically place a beach bar next to your property. Stock alcohol, beverages, and even barbecue items; there are plenty of options.

Travelers are likely to spend a lot of money while they're on vacation, making this a very lucrative business. The good tourist population on your coast will allow you to benefit from it.

6. Service center for electronic repair

If you're skilled at repairing electronic items such as phones, car radios, TVs, microwaves, or fridges, a shipping container will make for a great workspace. You don't need a large space for this kind of business. You can easily partition your shipping container into two or more compartments and start a second business in one of these partitions. There are many opportunities to start your own business within your local community and not necessarily in a shopping center.

7. A Book Shop

Having a book store in a shipping container will make it easier to serve your immediate community. For example, you can have textbooks, magazines, newspapers, postcards, greeting cards, writing pads, and other stationery items.

8. Nail salon

An average nail salon only needs a small reception area, a place for customers and manicurists to sit, a foot soak tub, and a place to store products. A large space for such a business would perhaps be overkill, so renting a huge space might seem unnecessary.

A nail salon in a shipping container is not a new idea. A company in Australia has been transforming shipping containers into salons through a project called Beauty in a Box.

Shipping containers are ideal for smaller operations, such as nail salons operated by sole proprietors. If you're looking for a shipping container business idea that will draw repeat customers, this might be it.

9. The Shoe Repair Shop

Shoe repair is a business you can start anywhere and grow rapidly because everyone wears shoes. It is possible to deal in all types of shoes, such as leather, rubber, fabric, or synthetics. Having shoes as a business allows for a certain degree of wear and tear. You can use this to get a good market in your neighborhood or at the local mall.

10. Inn

You can work your interior designing skills with an inn and create aesthetically pleasing designs with an eco-friendly lifestyle. An empty shipping container can be transformed into a superb architectural masterpiece. Whether you want an industrial-themed hotel, a solar-powered hostel, or an inspirational living space, a shipping container could be the perfect option for you.


Being practical is essential in a world where business is rapidly evolving and becoming more diverse. No matter what size your business is, it will require you to consider several factors, such as cost, maintenance, wages, rents, and bills. A shipping container can save you from all this hassle. Once your business grows, you can opt to buy multiple containers and combine them to make a massive space.

If you already own a container, take advantage of it. Your shipping container can be used for a variety of things. If you want to start a business, opening it right in your local community would be a good idea. Hopefully, this article will have been useful to you in choosing a business idea.

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